China Warehouse

Warehouse Receiving-Inspecting and Labeling-Storing-Inventory Management,can be done in 24hrs.Our aim is to be your super supply chain who make your E-commerce business become easy to control, under our secure, technical warehouse fulfillment service.We inspect each package to make sure the contents are perfect, we want to help you to build a brand with great quality to your customers.

WMS IT integration

Base on our WMS,you can have all data in one system:Inbound record-Auto order syn to E-commerce on line shop-Order receive-Outbound record-Shipping status.By having a reliable fulfillment service with a dedicated account manager, we let you focus on the market, there will be no need for you to worry about any backend logistics, you just choose products and market them.After you connect your on line store to our system, your new orders will sync and we will be able to start fulfilling.

Order Fulfillment

Pick and Pack the orders-Goods process and shipment created-Multi account management:We train our staff to know how to pack securely so that shipments received by your customer safely,after it is packed and labelled, the package will go through to the sorting process machine into the different shipping lines.We invested in a huge machine to help us to sort the orders into different countries, different shipping routes automatically, which saves processing time and ensures no sorting errors.

Shipping and Delivery

Our shipping solutions have a range of choices depending on how fast the shipping service is. Our dedicated team are constantly checking shipping routes and choosing the best one for your shipment.We provide lots of kinds of shipping solutions,which can handle normal product,DG battery,liquid and cosmetics,with express shipping, standard and economy shipping.


Base on the warehouse fulfillment service with good shipping solutions,TOBECAN will continue to improve the professional ability, and adhere to the quality of service. According to the needs of customers and the development of the market, we will continue to upgrade the system and operation process to make it more convenient for customers, and deliver e-commerce packages to buyers around the world more safely and quickly.